Wellness & Preventive Care: Keeping Our Patients in Good Health

Cat Huntington Veterinary Hospital (HVH) focuses on preventive health and staying ahead of disease. At annual wellness exams, we emphasize client education and give you the tools to provide the best possible home care. We will even advise you on the best way to feed your pet.

Customized Health Plans

During preventive health exams, we’ll thoroughly assess your pet’s health. We’ll get to know your pet and their lifestyle. From that information, we’ll make individual recommendations on a preventive health care plan.

For almost any condition, the sooner we detect it, the more successful the outcome—both for your pet’s health and your finances.


Dog HVA provides the safest vaccines available. We are judicious with vaccines and follow the latest guidelines set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association [AAHA] and the American Association of Feline Practitioners [AAFP]. These protocols for vaccination are backed by research. More and more, studies show that immunity lasts longer than once thought, making many yearly vaccines unnecessary.

Parasite & Flea Control

Year-round treatment for parasites and fleas over the lifetime of your pet is important. For dogs, we recommend Sentinel® since it treats six forms of parasites, including worms and fleas.

Most importantly Sentinel protects your dog from developing heartworm which is very serious and often proves fatal. Annual heartworm testing is recommended. Since it is so important, we offer a discount on heartworm tests.

Boy and Dog Sentinel kills flea eggs only. If your pet has fleas, you will want to treat your home, as well as all the pets in your household. It is imperative that you treat for at least three consecutive months, so that fleas are killed in all life cycles (from eggs to adults).

Fleas don’t only make your pet itchy and uncomfortable, they can lead to painful skin and other medical conditions. We carry a full line of parasite and flea control products in our pharmacy or you can order online.

Huntington Veterinary Hospital welcomes the opportunity to work with clients to ensure optimum health for family pets.