Safe, Effective Pet Medications: Offered Online and in the Hospital

Lady and Dog Huntington Veterinary Hospital stocks a full array of medications for your pet’s immediate or short-term needs. Refills for longer-term medications, while available in-house are also available through our online pharmacy. Whether online or in the hospital, the drugs we provide are created from the safest, highest quality ingredients to meet your pet’s unique needs.

Dosage and Administration

We will provide clear instruction on dosage and usage. Thorough directions will be provided and we’ll answer any questions you have.

HVH staff will work with you to determine the most effective delivery system for the easiest administration. While some pets gladly take tablets or capsules, other pets are less cooperative. Sometimes a tasty pill pocket will do the trick. Other cats and dogs need liquids, injectables, creams, flavored chews, or other compounded medicines (especially in cases of an allergy). Some medications need only to be rubbed onto the ear flap. Let’s discuss what will work for your pet.

Online Pharmacy

Pills Our easy-to-use online pharmacy is a great option for longer-term medications. Due to lower overhead for medications sold elsewhere online, we can provide your pet’s medications at a discounted price directly from our distributor to you. Medications will ship directly to you, an additional benefit.

Beware of other online sites that sell pet medications. Some of these retailers offer inferior products or employ unsafe practices. The FDA has this warning to consumers about purchasing pet drugs online.

If you need any assistance whatsoever with your pet’s medication, please contact us.