Home At Last: Adopting a Pet During the Holidays

The thought of adopting a pet at any time of year is exciting, but when it comes to the holidays, we can become almost giddy with the anticipation of bringing home a new bundle of joy. Surprising our significant other, child, or family member with a new pet can easily carry us away, but the idea may backfire without proper planning. 

In fact, studies show that many animals are re-homed, abandoned, or returned to shelters each year after the holidays, a trend no one wants to be a part of. Keep reading to learn about adopting a pet for the holidays and what you can do to make sure your new pet’s home is a forever home. 


Welcome Home! Introducing a New Pet

When it comes to introducing a new pet to your existing pets, patience is a virtue. It can be tempting to try and make them a member of the family immediately, but you’ll avoid problems and stress all around by taking your time.

How to go about introducing a new pet? Take our tips for a successful meeting to heart, and you’ll all be well on your way to a home of happy pets (and pet parents!).


Get Your Wags-worth with Puppy Training and Socialization

Training A PuppyAs anyone who has ever loved a dog before can attest, their companionship and love rivals even the best of human friendships. And anyone who has been lucky enough to raise their dog from a puppy, knows that the challenges that come with puppy training are worth their weight in gold later in life.

Puppies, much like babies, rely on us for everything. We are the guardians who introduce them to the world all around, as well as instill in them a sense of security and understanding of their place in our “pack”. Yet, unfortunately, many puppies do not receive the training and socialization they need for their safety and well-being.

That is why we want to highlight the many great reasons why training and socialization classes are so important for your new puppy.