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Most people view their pet as a bonafide member of the family and treat them accordingly. With increased awareness of what a pet needs to thrive, we’re seeing our community of responsible pet owners grow each year.

Routine wellness checks have lasting impacts on long-term health, and we’re continually struck by dedicated pet owners who go the distance to ensure the wellbeing of their best friend. In response to the questions we often receive at Huntington Veterinary Hospital, we publish pet care blogs each month. We hope the information and tips we provide are relevant and effective.

Huntington Veterinary Hospital’s Top 5 Pet Care Blogs of 2018

As with any organization that’s built on service, we saw a need, and we do our best to continually support pet owners and their companions. In other words, our pet care blogs aim to help Pasadena pet owners become the best possible guardians of pet health and happiness.

Please enjoy our top 5 pet care blogs of 2018!

#5: Wildlife Awareness for Pet Owners
Where once you might have only hoped for a glimpse of a wild animal out on a trail or in the wilderness, wildlife (including large predators) have become more prevalent in urban and developed areas. As populations grow and cities expand, wildlife such as rattlesnakes, bobcats, and coyotes, are adapting and learning to survive among us. Read more…

#4: Into the Deep: Waterborne Diseases in Pets
Taking a dip in the nearest body of water is a time-honored summer pastime that is sure to cool off humans and canines alike. While taking a swim might be just what the doctor ordered in the summer heat, Huntington Veterinary Hospital wants to remind you that waterborne diseases in pets are a real thing. Take extra precautions to make sure that your pet’s summer is safe. Continue…

#3: Spay and Neuter Expertise and Experience: The Huntington Difference
Spaying or neutering your pet is often a part of responsible pet ownership. These are surgical procedures and require general anesthesia, causing them to not be without cost. Many low-cost spay and neuter facilities exist to defray some of the financial factors involved with sterilizing a pet. This doesn’t mean, though, that these facilities are the best option for your pet’s health and well-being. Choosing a reputable, skilled veterinarian is the best choice for those who want quality care for their furry loved ones. Read on!

#2: Four-Legged Jet Setters: What to Know About the New Airline Restrictions for Pets
Thinking of taking a trip with your pet? You aren’t alone. Each year, over 2 million animals are transported via airplane, and recent scandals have resulted in airlines tightening up their already strict rules when it comes to pet travel. Brushing up on the latest airline restrictions for pets can help you choose the best option that meets your needs, while ensuring your pet remains safe and comfortable. Read more…

#1: Pets and Rattlesnakes: How to Keep Your Pet Safe
For most pet owners, spring is all about outdoor recreation and trail time with Fido – and where there are wild or natural places, there are snakes. Rattlesnakes are becoming more active now that we’re experiencing warmer temperatures and longer days. However, pets and rattlesnakes is one combo you’ll want to avoid. Keep reading…

Happy New Year!

Pasadena is a wonderful place to be a pet owner. With access to Angeles National Forest, Mt. San Antonio, and the beach, southern California can be an incredible place to enjoy the great outdoors with your best friend.

We look forward to writing more pet care blogs in 2019. Until then, we thank you for your continued support. From all of us at Huntington Veterinary Hospital, we wish you and your family  a Happy New Year!