Pet Poisoning and You: Prevention is Key!

Although not something we enjoy thinking about, preventing a pet poisoning is important to ensure our pets remain safe and healthy. Poison Awareness Week is the third week of March, and Huntington Veterinary Hospital thought now would be a good time to break out the list of things to check (and double check!).


Spay and Neuter Expertise and Experience: The Huntington Difference

Spaying or neutering your pet is often a part of responsible pet ownership. These are surgical procedures and require general anesthesia, causing them to not be without cost.

Many low-cost spay and neuter facilities exist to defray some of the financial factors involved with sterilizing a pet. This doesn’t mean, though, that these facilities are the best option for your pet’s health and well-being. Choosing a reputable, skilled veterinarian is the best choice for those who want quality care for their furry loved ones.

Huntington Veterinary Hospital has your pet’s best interest at heart. We want to demonstrate why choosing expertise over cost is the right choice for you and your pet.


Top of the Line: Our Top 5 Pet Care Blogs of 2017

cat careThis year is rapidly coming to a close, and with that, we all have the chance to reflect back on the past year. We are also thinking about the coming year ahead in anticipation. What were your memorable moments of 2017? For us, our patients and clients made up so many of these moments and we thank you for sharing them with us!

As we look back on memorable moments,  the team at Huntington Veterinary Hospital also looked at our blog to see what was memorable about it for you. Whether it be pet care, fun in the sun, or learning about pet loss, we hope that our blog is informational, fun, and a source of learning for you. We have gathered our Top 5 Pet Care Blogs of 2017, and we hope you enjoy!


Keep Your Celebrations Jolly With Our Pet Party Safety Tips!

If you’re like so many families during the holiday season, that special time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s seems like one endless get-together of friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

Since holiday gatherings won’t be stopping any time soon, being prepared can come in handy. If you’re planning on hosting a gathering at your own home this year, you’ll naturally want to make it a safe event for your pets. That’s where our pet party safety tips come in!


A Cornucopia Of Fall Pet Safety Tips

fall pet safety tipsThe holiday season is fast approaching, and your to-do list is likely filling up with shopping, planning, and endless activities. Spending time with your furry best friend may naturally take a backburner during these hectic days, but a little extra attention can go a long way when it comes to making sure they don’t wind up in trouble.

Make the most of this wonderful time of year by adding fall pet safety to your schedule!


A Dog Lover’s Guide to Canine Influenza

canine influenzaYou’ve probably heard rumblings in the news about canine influenza over the last few years. Until recently, this relatively new disease has been a non-issue for pets in our area. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case.

Canine influenza has been diagnosed a little too close to home, and now is the time for dog owners to educate themselves in order to protect their pets. At Huntington Veterinary Hospital, we know how much you love your dog, and protecting them against canine influenza is just one more thing we’re doing to help keep that tail wagging.


The Principles of Comprehensive Cat Care

cat careFrom their graceful movements and soulful eyes to their almost mystical nature, there’s just something special about cats. For those of us fortunate enough to share our homes and lives with one or more of these unique creatures, it only makes sense that we would do our best to give them the gift of long-lasting health and wellness.

At Huntington Veterinary Hospital, we strive to provide the very best cat care that modern veterinary medicine has to offer. Each of our staff members shares our deep appreciation for cats, and we’re honored to extend that level of compassion and care to your own precious kitty!


Into the Deep: Waterborne Diseases in Pets

waterborne diseasesTaking a dip in the nearest body of water is a time-honored summer pastime that is sure to cool off humans and canines alike. While taking a swim might be just what the doctor ordered in the summer heat, Huntington Veterinary Hospital wants to remind you that waterborne diseases in pets are a real thing. Take extra precautions to make sure that your pet’s summer is safe.

Parasitic Friends

No one likes a freeloader, and parasites in our pets are the absolute worst. Water can be home to several unwelcome parasites. Stagnant puddles and ponds are notorious for collecting animal waste, and if that waste so happens to harbor an intestinal bug or two, your pet might be at risk.


The Itch That Won’t Quit: Allergies in Pets

allergies in petsWhile you won’t see your pet walking around with a box of tissues, complaining about post-nasal drip, allergies in pets (including seasonal allergies) are a problem for many of our furry friends. If your dog is scratching like crazy, and yet, no flea can be found, there’s a good chance he or she may be dealing with one or more common allergies.

Like us, cats and dogs can be allergic to a wide range of substances, including pollen. To get to the bottom of this scratchy scene, let’s take a look at some of these allergies and how you can help ease the discomfort through treatment and prevention.


Made in the Shade: A Quick Guide to Summer Pet Safety

summer pet safetyMonrovia may fall short on national averages for precipitation, but our “comfort index” is amazingly high. All bragging aside, we really hit the jackpot with our climate, but that doesn’t mean our high and dry temperatures are safe for everyone. Pets are noticeably affected by the scorching sun, but if you play it safe with our summer pet safety tips, you can avoid sizable risks.

I Spy With My Pet-Focused Eye

It’s not uncommon for a dog to play or work to exhaustion. Often, a pet owner may even be surprised their dog is faring so well in the heat and sun – until he or she suddenly isn’t doing well at all.