The sun is shining, your sunscreen is on, and it’s time for summer fun! For most of us, this means summer fun with pets, too. 

Whether you’ve already made your summer bucket list or you’re late to the party, Huntington Veterinary Hospital has some tips and ideas for both lazing around and getting active with pets this summer.

Wet and Wild

Swimming and relaxing is essential to summer fun if you have a water loving dog. And in our area, we have to start off with the beach! Seek out dog friendly beaches, like Huntington Dog Beach or Rosie’s Dog Beach.

Walk About

Many pets love camping, so why not pack up and get into the woods? Many campgrounds welcome on leash dogs. 

If camping is not your thing, why not check out the thousands of miles of beautiful hiking trails in Monrovia and beyond? Try the hike to Hermit Falls, or fall in love with Monrovia Canyon Park

Hit the Park

If your family loves to spend a day at the park, why not include your best four-legged pal? Wilderness Park has hiking trails, a nature center, picnic area, and even a large grassy field. 

Of course, there is no shortage of dog parks in our area! What’s your favorite? 

Dine Out!

Eating outside is one of the best parts of summer, and dogs love to join their humans for a meal. Find a restaurant with a patio that welcomes well-behaved dogs, like The Peach Cafe or Bella Sera Trattoria. Order a summer drink, take a book, and meet new friends! 

Get Involved

If you have a gentle, people loving pet, why not give back this summer? Your pet could be the perfect therapy pet, and could lend much needed smiles and support to those who need companionship. Call your local hospital, nursing home, hospice care, or shelter to see if they work with therapy dog programs. 

Or, have your pet join the library’s summer reading program! New readers and less confident readers love to read to pets, which boosts a child’s confidence and improves this important skill. Contact the library to check into this program.

Game On!

Teach your dog a new game. Flyball, agility, and dock diving are all popular and fun summer activities that can be fun and exciting for dogs and their people alike. 

Summer Fun With Pets… and Safety

When it comes to summer fun with pets, don’t forget basic safety:

  • Supervise your pet at all times while in public, even at the dog park
  • Leash your dog whenever in public, except in designated off-leash areas
  • Prevent dehydration by carrying fresh drinking water always, as well as a bowl
  • Keep your pet safe and prevent heat stress and heat stroke by exercising your dog in the cooler mornings or at the end of the day, and always provide access to shade and water. Take frequent breaks during the day.
  • Never leave your pet in a parked vehicle, even if parked in the shade or with windows down. Being left in a parked car is the number one reason for heat related deaths in pets
  • Supervise your pets whenever they are in or around the water. A tired dog is at risk for drowning. If you’re boating, consider a doggy life vest.
  • Kick off summer fun with your pet by making sure their vaccinations and parasite prevention is up to date. Remember we have ticks in Monrovia!  You can prevent a whole host of health problems and debilitating diseases with these simple precautions. 

What’s your favorite way to have summer fun with pets? We would love to hear your top picks at your next visit. Or, post on our Facebook page. As always, if you have questions about your pet’s health, please don’t hesitate to call us