Like most animals, dogs have a certain aroma to them, a mix of sweat and musk that can slightly remain even after shampoos. It’s an entirely normal thing for a dog to smell, well, dog-like. But if you have ever gotten a good whiff of your pet’s paws, you may have noticed something unusual – they smell just like corn chips!

The team at Huntington Veterinary Hospital can help answer the question of why your dog’s paws smell like Fritos. Read on to learn more!

Help! Why Does My Dog’s Paws Smell Like Fritos?

The mystery isn’t such a mystery. Your pet’s paws probably do smell a bit corny. This yeasty aroma blend is caused by a few sources.

Bacteria – Bacteria may seem like something to get rid of, but every species, including humans, rely on bacteria for health. The proper balance of bacteria both in and outside the body is critical for the proper functioning of all bodily systems. 

The bacteria that causes a yeasty odor are Proteus or Pseudomonas. They live on the bottom of your pet’s feet and are normally no problem, despite the odd aroma.

Other substances As you well know, your dog walks through a variety of things in their environment, picking up all of the odors of the wide world. This can include mud, murky water, waste, and other things (some of which can cause smelly paws). 

In order to clean themselves, your dog will self-groom, leaving traces of other bacteria and microbes on the skin. So, no wonder there is a smell to your furry one’s feet!

When Problems Emerge

Normal yeasty or corn-snack smells are nothing to worry about, unless there are indicators that there is more at work. If there is an underlying infection, skin condition, or injury that is causing the odor, it’s  no longer just a normal corn chip case.

Paw problems to watch for include:

Call us for an examination if any of these symptoms are occurring as there could be an infection or other serious health condition.

Keeping Your Pet’s Paws Perfect

Sure, they may never smell like roses, but your pet’s paws can smell, look, and feel better with proper care.

  • Wipe off your pet’s paws any time they have been outdoors walking around.
  • Shampoo your pet weekly.
  • Protect your pet’s feet from injury by using booties.
  • Keep nails clipped and the fur around the paws neat and trimmed.

If you would like more information on why your pet’s paws smell like Fritos, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us. Let’s keep those paws feeling and smelling their best!