Pets and Rattlesnakes: How to Keep Your Pet Safe

For most pet owners, spring is all about outdoor recreation and trail time with Fido – and where there are wild or natural places, there are snakes. Rattlesnakes are becoming more active now that we’re experiencing warmer temperatures and longer days. However, pets and rattlesnakes is one combo you’ll want to avoid.

Avoiding a Clash Between Pets and Rattlesnakes

In Southern California and many places throughout the West, snakes are a common sight. From Gopher Snakes to Whipsnakes to Western Racers, many species are nonvenomous and mostly harmless to cats to dogs, preferring rodents and other small mammals.

However, we also share our terrain with a few different species of venomous rattlesnakes, all of whom have the idiosyncratic “rattle” at the end of the tail.


Leave Nothing to Chance: Determining a Pet Emergency

Whether it’s waking up to the sound of a gagging dog or the chocolate bar you had is suddenly MIA, there are many situations that can feel like a possible pet emergency.

Yet, making a visit to the nearest emergency hospital is often a second choice behind waiting it out or consulting “Dr. Google.”

Because these situations can be something of a quandary for many pet owners, the team at Huntington Veterinary Hospital would like to review what constitutes a pet emergency.

Obvious Emergencies

There are some situations that should be treated as an emergency, regardless of physical signs or symptoms. This includes: Continue…